Andrew Bock stands for real representation for the people and communities within Greater Shepparton.

Greater Shepparton is a fantastic place to live and work, but we all know that many in our communities face significant challenges.

Whilst Council has spent years talking in circles about the same issues - over and over - what has been done for those of us most in need?

If I'm elected in October, I will be just one of nine Councillors. However, I believe I have the experience and abilities necessary to achieve a number of community priorities. These include:

* Running Mental Health First Aid courses right across the municipality, so we can all help those needing psychological support to find it quickly and easily.  

* Connecting Greater Shepparton to the growing Silo Art Trail via Dookie, Cosgrove and Tallygaroopna, to increase the number of post-Covid travelers spending money in our shops and restaurants.

* Exploring business opportunities, so that Council can raise funds through commerce, rather than just increasing rates.

I also think that Council needs to be more activist in it's representations to state and federal governments. This doesn't mean we all have to take to the streets with placards (although, that could be fun.) It simply means that our local government must speak assertively and with force to ensure we get our fair share.

Shepparton needs crisis accommodation, more public housing with pathways back into the mainstream rental market, more acute psychiatric beds and both road and rail upgrades.

For too long we've heard talk from those in Melbourne about Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat - Shepparton needs to be included in that sentence.

Moreover, I want to see the Goulburn Valley used in the same sentence as Margaret River or the Barossa Valley - we have the food, wine, culture, history and scenery. So, let's also have the jobs that growing those sectors will bring!

Visit my Plans and Policies page or Contact me for more information and Vote 1 Andrew Bock, for Greater Shepparton City Council.