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What Got Me Into Politics?

April 13, 2016

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Quick Trip into Shep

April 7, 2016

The thing that strikes me whenever I visit Shepparton is the diversity of people and the lack of tension between races and religions. Sure, Shep has its social issues - issues which I hope to alleviate, but none of those seem to be race or religion based.

I was in town to pick up a few things for Mum - she can't drive, or even travel at the moment - and visited JB HiFi and Kmart amongst other stores. Whilst we very much support local businesses, if the chain stores and large fuel companies moved out of our region the unemployment rate would sky rocket, and that's no good for anyone. Another thing that pleased me was that the majority of customers in Kmart were refusing to use the self-serve checkouts which prevents as many jobs being lost to machines.


When I arrived back home Mum's cleaner was there, she's self-employed and was talking about another client who owes over $400 for services already rendered over several weeks, yet is unable or unwilling to pay. This is an issue for many small business people; I remember when I worked in collections - around the time of the GFC - that many small and medium business owners weren't able to make their loan repayments in full as they were waiting for their own customers to pay up. Talking with Kelly got me thinking, is there a way for government - local, state or federal - to facilitate the collection of debts for individuals and sole traders? It would be a tricky thing to put together, but certainly something to ponder...

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