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What Got Me Into Politics?

April 13, 2016

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Facebook Question - Duck Hunting

April 25, 2016


Today I was asked what my opinion is on Duck Hunting - whilst I don't feel I know enough of the facts to have a firm view - here is my response:

Whilst it's a state issue, I'm not a fan.

I support the hunting of feral animals and of native animals when population control is required, as long as there is a quick and efficient death - as per current laws.

Most of what I've heard about duck hunting is from the perspective of protesters, so if I was asked to vote on legislation I'd be very interested in hearing from the other side of the debate. Perhaps the areas allowed to be hunted could be reduced so that regulations could be properly enforced, allowing hunters and protesters to find a compromise?

However, I've read too many articles about duck hunting that talk of injured birds dying slowly and of protected species being caught in the crossfire - especially in dry years like this one.

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