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What Got Me Into Politics?

April 13, 2016

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First Media Interview - Numurkah Leader

April 26, 2016


I found being interviewed quite weird, possibly because in my work I'm used to being the one asking the questions. Also, because it's not a conversation and it's not a speech, the interviewer isn't giving you the normal social cues and the questions aren't as boring as a job interview. Certainly a unique experience and I'm probably over thinking it :P.

Michelle Slater from the Numurkah Leader was great, easy to talk to and didn't seem to mind that I talk too much or too fast :). After the interview was over she said - in conversation - that she found it interesting that all of the candidates that she has interviewed have mentioned water, Ice, education and jobs as what they see as the main issues facing the region. Apparently nobody has mentioned environmental policy, for example.

It got me thinking - on the one hand those are the issues that people are raising with me, whether I'm out and about or on social media and I'd argue that I've had more to say on the topics (from what I've seen so far) than the other candidates, but on the other hand, she's right - why take a chance on an independent candidate when they're saying the same thing as the major parties?

When it comes down to it, tax/fiscal policy and the Federation are the overarching issues for our region - likewise the whole country. If we don't get enough revenue we can't run programs, if we're taking more from those who can't afford it, they won't spend and the economy goes south. Then, if the different tiers of government can't figure out who is responsible for what, we'll never get anything done anyway.

They don't make very good dinner party conversation, but virtually everything hinges on those two issues. I just need to figure out how to make the argument interview-worthy.

After I finished in Numurkah I went and got some more flyers printed - I'm back at work tomorrow, but I'll be ready to pound the pavement come Monday and I believe the interview will be published on Wednesday!

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