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What Got Me Into Politics?

April 13, 2016

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No Wonder 'Student Performance is Slipping'

May 1, 2016

During his education funding announcement today, Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham said "It is completely unacceptable that the performance of our students in fundamental skills like literacy and numeracy continues to slip even while our funding continues to significantly increase,"

Also today, I heard about a child - not from our electorate - who was ahead of her age group in maths and reading a year ago, but is now behind her peers. 

I received this information second hand, so I didn't hear the explanation for the drop in reading. But the maths seems to be entirely due to ridiculous teaching methods. Apparently, whilst 5+1+4=10. 5+1+4 without an "=" is 514 - that's a complete misuse of the plus symbol/operation and has apparently led to this child no longer understanding place value. Apparently she now answers '5+4=' with '54'.

Whilst I'm glad that the Turnbull government has announced today that they will return $1.2bn worth of education funding cut by Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey - albeit a fraction of what was promised at the last election, I'm thinking the money is much less of an issue compared to methodology when it comes to education outcomes!

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