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April 13, 2016

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"But That Trick Never Works"

August 29, 2018


I rarely watched the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show as a kid, but this week was an enormous reminder of the cartoon moose's constant attempts to "pull a rabbit out of my hat!" "Again?" his squirrel companion would reply, "but that trick never works!"

Sometimes the misfiring magician would find Rocky - rather than a rabbit - in his hat, but more often it was a rhino, bear or even a lion. What a perfect analogy for the last ten days in federal politics!

After the dumping of Rudd & Gillard as PM, their party got a bit of a boost in the polls, only to see a dismal result at the following elections - Bullwinkle's Bear and Rhino.

After the more popular dumping of Tony Abbott - akin to Rocky coming out of the hat - the Turnbull government almost lost the 2016 election, and probably would have if Daniel Andrews hadn't decided to mess with the CFA halfway through the campaign.

Now, the Coalition has dumped their leader and most popular leadership contender in Malcolm Turnbull, rejected their deputy who has consistently polled well in the 'preferred PM' polls, Julie Bishop. Almost elected Peter Dutton and eventually elected Scott Morrison - neither of whom have polled in the double digits. Turnbull has quit parliament forcing a by-election in Wentworth, a seat quite likely to fall to a high profile Independent or Labor/Greens candidate.

If the Liberal Party can't hold Wentworth, their government will be forced to govern in minority and will either have to go to an election earlier than they can afford (electorally or financially) OR wait until May (as I expect.)

From 2010-2013 our media showed itself unable to provide balanced reporting of a hung parliament. Since 2013, the Liberal and National cabinet have had minimal success in negotiating legislation through the Senate. Plus, the government has just dumped several of it's flagship policies...

With their focus firmly directed within, it feels like this Bullwinkle-government has yanked a lion right out of their hat by the mane... the electoral carnage remains to be seen.


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